Welcome To My EMO Kingdom

I am King Aiden. Welcome to my EMO kingdom. I am the ruler and protector of all the EMO girls that live in my kingdom. I do everything in my power to make all my sexy EMO girls feel safe within the boundaries of my lands.

Grab a pint and I’ll take you on a private tour throughout my EMO kingdom and introduce all of my hot EMO girls to you.

Ahhh! It looks like you are here at the right time. Enjoy our EMO Renaissance Festival while you are visiting from your far off kingdom or land. Just peace tie your sword while you are within the boundaries of my EMO kingdom.


EMO Party Girls At The Pub

Let’s take a walk on over to the pub and grab a pint. Well it looks like several of my hot EMO girls have already started the party without us. Let’s go join in the celebrations and pick out a few hot EMO girls to fuck later.


Your EMO Chamber Maid

First stop is your chamber. I see you have been provided with one of my finest EMO chamber maids. Ahhh how sweet! She loves you already. Looks like you will not be getting much sleep tonight.


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